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Mobile detection & redirection made easy

Several times over the last 2 years I had to look up “how to detect and redirect mobile surfers”, I’ve tried several solutions, but now I found a handy website that creates the mobile redirection code for you, all you have to do is fill in 2 urls and select which script language you want to use:



How it works?

First fill in the url where you want to send your surfers if they’re not on a mobile phone or a tablet
example http://www.webmastergizmo.com

Detect mobile browser step 1

Second step: you fill in the url where you want to send your mobile surfers
example http://mobile.webmastergizmo.com

Detect mobile browser step 2

Third step: select in which programming language you want the mobile redirection script and the file will start to be downloaded. You have the choice between Apache, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, C#, IIS, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, Lasso, nginx, node.js, PHP, Perl, Python & Rails
example PHP

Detect mobile browser step 3

Now just copy the code into your page(s) and your surfers using a mobile browser will be redirected.